Saturday, 17 August 2013

Some Mouse Tips

Most of us seen mouse with a Scroll button and without. Mouse with Scroll button are called 'intelli mouse'  or microsoft mouse or scroll mouse.This type of Mouse was developed by Microsoft corporation in 1996. The main use of this mouse is we can scroll down the pages without using the vertical bar. Most of us only user the scroll button for only this thing. This scroll button has some more advantages

The mouse wheel can use as a Third mouse button. While pressing the wheel it act as a third button. While you are looking a web page with various links. Clicking the link with Mouse wheel can open the link in a new tab. ie without disturbing the text we can open the link in a new tab

The mouse wheel  with a combination of  Control (Ctrl) key can zoom in and Zoom out a web page, word/excel spread sheet etc. We can zoom the pages using ctrl key and Mouse scroll wheel

We can use the wheel of the  Mouse to control the volume  by using the volumouse software

Triple clicking a mouse-In a paragraph any word can be selected by double clicking the left button of the mouse like this  we can high light the whole paragraph by triple clicking the mouse pointer on any character on the paragraph


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