Friday, 16 August 2013

Chingam 1- Happy New Year to All Malayalis

Malayalam Calendaror the Kolla varsham is the calendarfollowed by people in the South Indian state of Kerala. Malayalamcalendar is a siderealsolar calendar which consists of 12 months and each month is named after the constellation rising inthe orbit of the earth In Malayalam Calendar, New year begins on Chingam 1. Chingam 1 2012 date is August 17.This is the beginning of new kolla varsha 1188 of malayalam year Chingam 1 marks the transition of sun from Karkida rasi to Chinga rasi(Simha (Leo)rashi). Chingam 1 is celebrated with pleasure in all temples of kerala and the all the place where malayalis lives. Wish all keralits arround the world a Happy Chingam 1Chingam is the month of festivals,starting with Onam days. Onam is related to the story of golden days of king Mahabali who ruled keralam and also related to the Vamana avthar of Lord Maha vishnu.


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