Thursday, 29 November 2012

Meghdoot Modules Requirements for B class office using Windows 7 and SQL Express

1. System Requirements:

The systems should satisfy the below given requirements.

a. Install operating system Windows 7 in both server and client machine.
b. Install SQL Server Express 2008 with SP1 in server machine.
c. Peer to peer connection should be established between two systems. This can be done by connecting both the systems using a Cross Cable and giving different IP addresses to them (For example and
d. The system theme should be changed to “Windows Classic” in both systems.
e. If the System is containing only one Drive (i.e., “C” Drive), then make atleast one more partition. Detailed procedure for partitioning is provided in Pages-2 and 3 of this document

2. General steps for installation of all modules
Please follow below steps in Server machine while installation process.
a. Install server component in the server machine.
b. Share the installation folder.
c. Install client component in server machine.
d. While configuring Meghdoot Modules for the first time, database cannot be created directly in C: drive. For creating databases in C Drive only, please create a folder in C: drive and provide its path for creating the Database at the time of configuration. Otherwise create database in other drives.

Please follow below steps in Client machine while installation process.

a. After each module is installed in server machine, install corresponding client component in client machine.
b. Give network path for SQL Server when asked for the same.

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